setup ezoic with your website and will integrate it with his partner adsense


Are you looking to improve your website’s ad revenue and user experience? Look no further! I am offering a gig to setup and integrate Ezoic with your website and AdSense account.

Ezoic is a platform that uses advanced machine learning algorithms to optimize ad placements and improve user experience. By integrating Ezoic with your website and AdSense account, you can increase your ad revenue and provide a better experience for your website’s visitors.

I am an experienced web developer and have worked with Ezoic and AdSense before. I can quickly and efficiently setup and integrate Ezoic with your website, ensuring that the process is smooth and hassle-free.

Full Ezoic Setup includes:

  • Account Setup
  • Complete all 3 courses [Ezoic Essentials Course], [Monetization Course], [Speed/LEAP Course]
  • Pass ezoic monetization and speed tests
  • Integration via Cloudflare or Nameservers
  • Ad Manager Account account setup
  • integrate google Adsense with ezoic (If you’re using AdSense)
  • Ads.txt integration
  • Placeholders/ads setup
  • Traffic improvements adjustments
  • Ezoic Speed/LEAP Setup

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